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Purchase my debut memoir with a call-to-action, The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers wherever you purchase books!

In The First Five, Patrick brings to light the realities of teaching, especially in the first five years. He immerses you in his world with personal stories that lead to lessons, questions, and exercises to help you reflect on your own journey. Each chapter includes interviews with a diverse group of educators.

Purchase The First Five: A Love Letter to Teachers wherever you purchase books.

My Latest Lessons Learned

For New Teachers – It’s Not Easy to Work Within Contract Hours

Over the weekend, I was sent a podcast clip of a group of educators discussing tips they had for new teachers. I appreciated the nuanced approach to the tired argument that new teachers need to learn to work in their “contracted hours”. This is all too familiar. When I entered the classroom in 2015, veteran…

For the English Teachers Who Struggle with Writing

My name is Patrick and I’m an English Language Arts teacher that is insecure about his writing. Am I out here by myself? I fell in love with writing in the fourth grade. Hyped up from my trip to Blockbuster, gathering all the movies I could hold in my small hands. I knew I was…

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