Common Sense Podcast to release its 40th and final Episode

To our loyal listeners and the rest of the world,

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, we set out on a mission to show the world that the experiences and voices of teachers mattered. And after several conversations, we took a leap of faith and launched Common Sense Podcast.

Common Sense Podcast is a time capsule and inside lies something special: two young Black teacher’s real experiences from the beginning of the school year to the end. You were introduced to us as two, early career and energetic teachers thrilled to take on a new school year.

And as the school year progressed, we were vulnerable with our audience about the ups and downs that happened. You listened to Antonia grapple with expectations from administration that did not align with what she knew was developmentally appropriate. You were there when Patrick was fired in the middle of the year and his transition abroad. You listened to us question keeping ourselves in this work.

It is with sadness, but hope, that we announce Common Sense Podcast will release its 40th and final episode on June 17th, 2019. It’s been an exciting ride. Who knew that two novice teachers with no podcasting experience and a small following would: gain nearly 70,000 listens, chart in the top 100 Apple Education Podcasts and be featured in Apple Podcasts Black History Month Spotlight in 9 months of operation.

Common Sense Podcast gave us wings so we could individually fly high in the name of the teaching profession and liberation. Antonia is starting a book club in the Houston area for young, Black women. You can keep with her events and book recommendations on Instagram, (@BlackGirlThatReads). She is also hosting two online book studies for teachers wanting to learn more about phonics instruction and Writer’s Workshop in the K-2 classroom on Instagram as well, (@MsAdamsTeaches). Patrick (@PresidentPat) is launching a media company, Good Trouble Media, to produce podcasts, web series and more that tells authentic stories of teachers and help all people commit to and grapple with improving our education system. He has three shows in pre-production.

Common Sense Podcast is our forever mark on the world. We are grateful most of all for the listeners. Thank you for sending in your questions. Thank you for purchasing merchandise. We love conversing about the show’s topics with you online. This podcast has completely surpassed our expectations. We hope this podcast will be able to help teachers and the rest of the world for years to come. We’re leaving this podcast as stronger teachers, more in tuned with ourselves. We’re leaving better people, having persevered a hard year. And we’re leaving with a strong friendship; there is no one else we’d rather share this experience with.

With that, always know you can do anything.

With all of our love and gratitude forever,

Antonia & Patrick

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