Behind The Scenes: I Finally Found a School to Call Home. Now People are Leaving.

Please click here to read my latest piece titled, “Many Eyes Are on the Teachers Who Leave. What About the Ones Who Stay?” on EdSurge.

This is my first of four narratives pieces that will appear in Ed Surge. This year, I am a Voices of Change fellow with the publication company. Big shout out to my amazing Editor, Marissa who is so patient with me. I have three takeaways about writing after this post:

  1. Writers whom are using current events have to be willing to shift their position when new research is published. (I thought there was a teacher shortage until I discovered it was not.) It takes a lot of time to read through these research reports and I wished teachers had more time to take them in.
  2. I’m busting at the seams when it comes to first-person narratives. I’ve been penning first-person narratives since 2016. I’m always grateful to be able to make sense of the experiences I have in education. But, I’m also quite exhausted from telling my own story. I’m excited continue to learn how to tell others stories in the right way. With that, there just aren’t enough first-person narratives to match the breaking news headlines that are coming out daily.
  3. I write my best when when the sun is out. And I’m sitting at a table. No music, no company, just white noise.

This is one of my favorite pieces of writing. Check it out.

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