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  • The 7 Foot Plant: A Tribute to my Grandmother

    The 7 Foot Plant: A Tribute to my Grandmother

    Mattie Mae Harris stands five feet five inches tall underneath a nearly seven feet tall house plant. The plant’s leaves are striped, some brush across the ceiling and hang downward, and some meet my grandmother face-to-face. It is bound together by rubber bands and broken broomsticks. The pot is a pale orange, round, and stained […]

  • The Spark Still Shines Five Years Later

    The Spark Still Shines Five Years Later

    Five years ago today, I was preparing to light a firecracker in front of a live audience. And not just an actual firecracker, but the spark inside of me. On July 31st, 2014 at the 2nd Annual Dinner of The Firecracker Foundation, I shared my story of surviving sexual trauma. In 2011, I graduated from […]

  • I went on a Date in Thailand

    I went on a Date in Thailand

    If you’re a particular man living in Asia there’s a high chance you’re logged into Grindr. Yikes, Grindr. The dating app that I’m hella embarrassed to tell my American friends I’m active on. Well, it’s hard to justify using an app that’s infamous for white men calling you Nigger when you deny them for dates […]

  • Everything I learned about storytelling came from my Mom

    I grew up learning the art of storytelling from the center of my living room floor. While the TV played cartoons, the volume of my mother’s phone conversations blared a little louder. And while I tried not to listen to the contents of the conversations, I couldn’t help it. From my mother, I picked up […]

  • A Lasting Shadow

    A Lasting Shadow

    Who knew that my 25th cycle around the Earth would leave such a lasting shadow? I took a social media break for three weeks because I had reached rock bottom and looking at yall’s lives wasn’t making it any better. My goal on my break was to take full advantage of the silence that already […]

  • Skinny


    Whew, you are slim.Wait, not slim, Skinny.ThinAs a tooth pick. Did you eat today?Skin and bones.What size do you wear? 28?Can’t be a 30.Are you sure you’re okay?You’re too skinny to be masculine.If you gained about 15 poundsyou’d be perfect. I didn’t start to hate my body until I turned 22. Not until I was […]

  • My Deciding Factor before Accepting my International Teaching Position

    I just accepted an international teaching position. A black boy from the East Side of 7 mile in Detroit, Michigan is packing his bags and going to teach elementary school in the Middle East. I’m the first in my family to attend and graduate a four year University. I was the first in my family […]

  • Thank U, My First Babies (Pt. 1)

    My first babies. There’s no replacing you. You were the most rebellious kids I’ve ever met. And I mean that in the best way. To be rebellious takes comprehension, speaking and listening skills, critical thinking and the list goes on and on. Your sheer bravery and courage to speak out against the injustices taking place in […]

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